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BTL is a technology company that exists to create and make innovative technology tools accessible to businesses across Africa. By so doing, we help businesses operate more efficiently and make people’s life easier.

Empowering businesses since 2018
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Our Business Process

Our proven approach to business



This is the light bulb moment to do something of value. A rough sketch of the idea is formed at this stage.


Market Research

We engage our target market and do a rigorous market analysis. We unearth key insights to help refine the idea.



Nothing communicates a business idea clearer than a working sample. We show our ideas are doable by building working prototypes


Idea Validation

With a prototype developed, we do further end-user engagement to validate the idea. Product development follows.



We make use of our proven tools and methodologies to develop products that address user needs through an iterative process.



A test run of the product with a select group of end-users to elicit feedback. This is fed back into the product development phase.



The completed product is finally deployed and open to broader user-base. User metrics and feedback are collected to improve product.


Monitoring & Maitenance

We keep our deployed solutions running and delivering business value by regularly monitoring, fixing problems and improving performance

Why Choose Us

Why businesses love to work with us

Keen Listeners

We pay close attention to our clients problems and business needs. Our solutions are crafted based an understanding of these needs.

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Value for Money

Every penny invested in us is made to count as we go over and beyond to satisfy our clients.

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Spintex Road, Accra - Ghana

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Spintex Road.

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