Every school or educational institution desires to have a modern school management system that can simplify every aspect of its administrative functions in a seamless manner. Most schools, however, face difficulties or challenges daily on how to make sense of the deluge of data that has been generated over many years with respect to students’ academic records and generative data.

Many existing school management solutions have not been able to win the trust of schools’ administrators due to an inability on the part of vendors to provide responsive software solutions and good customer service let alone transform their data into insights that can be relied upon for effective decision making.  As a results a great deal of schools are, unfortunately, left with old and usually clunky software that hold vital information but cannot be leveraged for effective decision making.

What today’s modern schools need is a streamlined and centralized hosted school management platform that makes information easily accessible and allows for incremental upgrade of software features with latest technologies as we travel through the ever-changing technology landscape. Such a system would be equipped with data analytics modules mining and transforming data into actionable insight and allow for the incorporation of End User feedback into future feature updates or software upgrades.

Zibble School Management Platform (ZibbleSMP) conceived and developed by Baseline Technologies Laboratory Ltd (BTL) is a robust platform that allows schools, parent / guardians and students to join hands in giving quality education to our children the SMART way. Apart from the core modules expected any useful school management system, ZibbleSMP is deliberately design to transform schools raw data into critical information that can easily be understood and used by school administrations to make informed decisions regarding teaching, students performance, new students enrolment, growth potential and general administrative processes.

Key Features of ZibbledSMP are:

  • Enrolment Module
  • Comprehensive Fee Management
  • Students Results Analytics
  • Reports & Statistics
  • Parent/Guardian & Students Discussions portal
  • Reports & Statistics
  • E-Notice Board
  • Payroll Accounting Module (coming soon)
  • Edu-Store Integration
  • Custom Analytics modules, that can offer the following depending on the needs of each school:
    • predictive analytics, e.g. how are students likely to perform in their final exams based on historical academic records
    • descriptive statistics, top performing students per class, per subject or per year group.
    • prescriptive analysis that would help schools improve on their teaching methods, adapt, help identify special needs of students and help improve their grades, match students’ strengths with potential courses of study in higher education
    • help make inferences from data with regards to wide range of areas including student performance, teaching approaches, causes of students or staff attrition and many more

To get a sneak peek into the rich features offered by Zibble School Management Platform (ZibbleSMP), we attached our software  User Guide that can be freely downloaded.

We encourage you the join the list of progressive schools that are turning to ZibbleSMP to help manage their schools the SMART way by registering your school or requesting a demo presentation.

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