Hardware Configuration & Device Installation

We give hands-on training to electronic technicians and engineers on various hardware configurations and device installation for high tech devices/gadgets. E.g GPS Car Trackers, bug detectors or anti-spy devices, CCTV cameras etc.

Programming & Software Development

The future tech of innovation rest on the availability of high quality programming skills among the youth. We introduce the basics of programming to newbies and give hands-on programming lessons to those that have a grasp of the fundamentals.

Technology Research Skills Development

We help young people understand research fundamentals and how it applies to the tech space. We guide them through the choice of tools they can use to cut through the clutter to pick out what really matters in the tech space. We impart skills that will help tech enthusiasts navigate this fast growing and ever-changing landscape.

Innovation: What it means and how to Innovate

The word 'Innovation' get thrown around quite bit in the technology and other sectors. But what does it really mean? What principles guide innovation? What are the tools that power innovation and how can one become innovative? BTL will equip you with the innovator's mindset, skill sets and toolkits needed to spawn innovative ideas.

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